JRF weeknote, end of Feb 2021

A short note after a very short week. Had a holiday to celebrate a couple of Big Life Events, which was wonderful.


Had an at-work away day. Husna, Grace and Holly ran it. Away days can be tricky at the best of times, and especially online and on a limited budget, so I took to Twitter for inspiration. Natalie and Jo at Citizens Advice gave some great ideas for work-ier exercises, as did Sam at NHS Digital. In the end, we ended up doing a combination of some of their suggestions — going into smaller groups to look at a couple of strategic problems we thought were worth solving, and how we would solve them. Simon recommended Taskmaster online, which was indeed fun.


I have a bicycle. It’s a big life win, and in an early 20th century way it opens up space and speed like you would never believe.

Honestly, only putting this screenshot of Jeff Goldblum here to get a preview image

one foot online