JRF, week 5

Imagine the anger, grief and pacifist, political conviction of the people who commissioned this stone.

Practical stuff

Ye Olde Nielsen Chart, first of its name, patron saint of tightly scoped UX projects everywhere
I just put this in because I love her. You go, Katie Porter!

Fun with Democracy Club

Aren’t we in luck? Escaping photos of people pointing at post-its, only to have people like me screengrabbing photos of fake ones. Baudrillard would have a field day.

Vaguely random links and things that I enjoyed

Trust any advice and historical debate from someone who intersperses tasteful slides with this magnificent scene of chic competence
It looks good, right? You’d never know it photographs badly. But with webinars, you don’t need to care about that.
Play all the classics, Ella
The only appropriate greeting for mass CC:d emails




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Ella Fitzsimmons

Ella Fitzsimmons

one foot online

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